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Where am I? A Beginner’s Guide to BJJ Positions

If I restarted as a white belt who knew no jiu jitsu, this is information I would hope to be given before my first roll.  Lots of attention is given to techniques, but it can be difficult to see how to use them if you don’t know where you are.  There’s a lot of knowledge out there about each position and its variations.  This is my advice for smaller people and women as a blue belt; I know it will change as I learn more and I will update this to share my new knowledge with you as well.

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Breaking the Same-side Sleeve Grip from Top of Close Guard

This grip break comes to us courtesy of Derek Kaivani of Buckhead BJJ.  Interestingly it was presented as an end note to a collar and sleeve guard pass that he was teaching in the kids class – why do us grown-ups not get to know this?!

Initial position: Starting from inside of your opponents close guard, they have a same-side grip on one or both of your sleeves.  This can be part of collar & sleeve guard, lasso guard, or spider guards.

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Written description of techniques?!

So, one thing I’ve been pondering is why anyone would want to read a written description of a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu technique.  The adage a picture is worth a thousand words isn’t without its merits, and in jiu-jitsu video is clearly king.

The shortest answer is the simplest: this isn’t for you.  I am a writer, not a videographer.    My best and only video camera is on my smart phone and I don’t own a tripod.  And, worst of all, I’m picky about my jiu-jitsu videos.  Clean, well-lit shots with good audio quality are important to me.  Could I learn to do this given enough time and practice?  Probably.  But again, this isn’t for you.  By practicing the techniques in the darkness of my minds eye I better remember what is important.  Forced to articulate every detail of significance I find myself picking up nuances that I was glossing over in practice.

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