Mount Attacks! And you can too!

Mount attacks seem out of fashion right now.  Leg locks and side control seem to be the attacks that are “in,” and for good reason!  Lots of really neat developments in leg attacks have made it to the mainstream jiu-jitsu communities, while side control attacks obviate the extra step of mounting your opponent and allow you to maximize your pressure while attacking.

But I prefer mount attacks.

So, without further ado, here is my mount attack YouTube playlist:

Attacking from the mount.

This is a relatively short playlist, only 15 videos and just under an hour and a half of playtime.

When I popped this playlist into the YouTube Playlist Analyzer I noticed that the videos either have over 100,000 views or under 10,000 views.  Very few exist in between.  The high traffic videos aren’t necessarily better, they just come from creators with more subscribers.

But it would be a shame if the world missed out on the TNT Americana (under 1,000 views).  This video is notable for being the only time its ever been appropriate to use a much smaller uke.  The americana is notoriously difficult to apply to lightly built folks (doubly true if they are young), so rather than his partner’s small size making the move easier it actually makes it much more difficult.

Also, the Grappling Academy’s newer video on side mount is a must see.  As a person who uses side mount extensively I appreciate it getting the love it deserves.  Side mount is not the same thing as side control!  Its a shame that the two terms have been conflated because it makes this awesome position so much harder to research!

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