Written description of techniques?!

So, one thing I’ve been pondering is why anyone would want to read a written description of a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu technique.  The adage a picture is worth a thousand words isn’t without its merits, and in jiu-jitsu video is clearly king.

The shortest answer is the simplest: this isn’t for you.  I am a writer, not a videographer.    My best and only video camera is on my smart phone and I don’t own a tripod.  And, worst of all, I’m picky about my jiu-jitsu videos.  Clean, well-lit shots with good audio quality are important to me.  Could I learn to do this given enough time and practice?  Probably.  But again, this isn’t for you.  By practicing the techniques in the darkness of my minds eye I better remember what is important.  Forced to articulate every detail of significance I find myself picking up nuances that I was glossing over in practice.

Ok.  So this isn’t for you.  But words are important.  Without the words to describe a thing we are left waving our hands in the air, our mouths gasping like a fish, the idea half-formed and bereft of clarity.  Don’t believe me?  Well have you ever been asked by two people how something is done and after starting to explain the move, you had to pause, reflect on how to articulate yourself, and then ultimately said “just let me show you”?

Writing down how a technique is done is my effort to learn to tell you.

So, in a way this is for you after all.

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