Combinations from the Closed Guard

One of my teammates was preparing for a competition last week (he double medaled!) and he mentioned that he wanted to learn more combination attacks.  He has been working on his closed guard recently, which is my favorite position.

Depending on how you choose to play the closed guard your partner may feel completely trapped or under constant attack (or ideally both).  Currently, I focus on keeping my partner trapped when I using my guard because it is a position I feel safe in with a larger partner.  But I would like to incorporate more combinations so my guard can feel both vicious and suffocating.

I love triangles, but there are so many other attacks from closed guard that can chain with the triangle.  My favorite is to threaten a double-in collar choke, switch to a one-in-one-out when they defend the first choke, and throw a triangle when they defend the second.  Renzo demonstrates how collar chokes and armbars flow together.

I used to use the armbar-triangle-armbar combination more but my armbars are still rusty from my 7-year break.  Here’s a good drill to chain armbars and triangles.

The combination I recommended to my teammate is the armbar-triangle-omoplata combination.

When I get back to training, I plan to start using the armbar-triangle-omoplata combination.  But being a smaller person, I have had problems recently with people just picking me up from the omoplata.  So my plan is to use the omoplata as a sweep – either how Danny Ives shows in the video above or like Luiz Palhares in the video below.

Other combinations from the closed guard include: the kimura-hip bump sweep-guillotine combination, the kimura-hip bump sweep-triangle combination, and the arm-wrap choke-short armbar-omoplata combination.

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