Not Another BJJ for Women Post

I have a predicament.  On the one hand I’m always trying to recruit more women to jiu jitsu and to find ways to make jiu jitsu feel more accessible.  On the other hand, I find endless articles and videos on how to do your hair for jiu jitsu, nutition for women grapplers, and what to wear to class to be a little superficial and demeaning.  Women in jiu jitsu do more than show up and try to get in shape.  We do techniques and roll and have other concerns too damnit.

Now don’t get me wrong, I had to look up how to do my hair for jiu jitsu and ask a teammate what she wore under her gi because I was at a loss.  But my concern is that most articles are only addressing the easy topics.  So, please, let me know in the comments (or contact me directly with the contact form)what questions you as women have about jiu jitsu.  I’ll will research and use my personal experience to answer your questions to the best of my abilities,  And if your questions are about how to keep your hair out of your submissions and what to wear while rolling – I’m completely willing to answer those questions too 🙂

Some future topics I’m thinking of addressing are:

  • Weight classes
  • Self-defense vs sport jiu jitsu
  • The guard
  • Sexual harassment
  • Being smaller than most of your training partners

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